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How are your shelters shipped?

Our shelters are pre-glazed and pre-assembled in our factory. They are then knocked down and shipped in sections in wooden crates via common carriers.

Can you ship to Alaska?

Yes, We have shelters in place throughout all 50 states, plus Canada and Mexico

How long will it take for us to put up a shelter that we purchased?

Generally, it will take 2 semi-skilled men about 2-3 hours to install a Model 4-2 shelter. Assembly instructions and all hardware are included. See our "QUICK N EASY" INSTALLATION DEMO

Q.What kind of foundation will I need for the shelter to sit on?

We recommend a 6 thick Portland concrete pad that is 2 feet larger than the shelter in both directions.

How is the shelter attached to the concrete?

Use the supplied 1/2 concrete anchor bolts.

How long will our shelter last?

For many years. We use lifetime materials and finishes. Some of our first units are still in use today, after 35 years!

Do your shelters come with a warranty?

Yes, we warranty our shelters for 1 full year against defective parts and workmanship.

Can you customize your shelters?

Yes, we do it every day. Just let us know your requirements; we have many years of experience in custom applications.

Is Handi-Hut a G.S.provider?

Handi-Hut, Inc. is veteran-owned and a GSA Premier Provider, certified by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) as a top-tier vendor of multi-purpose modular shelters.

All Handi-Hut shelters are designed, manufactured and shipped from our factory in the US. Thousands of our shelters are installed throughout the U.S. and overseas.