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Handi-Hut, Inc. has extensive engineering expertise in designing and manufacturing sidewalk smoking shelters.

Handi-Hut sidewalk smoking shelters are a great economical choice for restaurants, bars and other business that would like to accommodate their patrons smoking needs. This small accommodation may increase the patronís time spent in their establishments.

The pre-fabricated design allows for low-cost shipping and easy installation to an existing wall. The maintenance-free structures can be made with a variety of roof designs to provide architecturally-compatible property enhancement.

Handi-Hut sidewalk smoking shelters come in three basic roof styles, dome, sloped or standing seam sloped. These shelters can be made to virtually any length. We also offer optional benches and soft removable side walls with custom lettering or logo.

To learn more about the configurations and pricing of Handi-Hut sidewalk shelters, send us an e-mail, request a quote, or call us at 1-800-603-6635.

All Handi-Hut shelters are designed, manufactured and shipped from our factory in the US. Thousands of our shelters are installed throughout the U.S. and overseas.